Google “call” Police – child pornography detected !

By , August 5th, 2014 | Technology | 0 Comments

Google shows again that the services it provides for free are not as free as we think – we pay our privacy. Fortunately, this time the goal was laudable. 41-year-old John Henry Skillern was trying to send email when scanning algorithm attachments found in it pedophile material and automatically “call” police.

The police visited the suspect man and found a lot more material from child pornography in his apartment . The algorithms that searches messages this time served the world, but what would happen if it were used for other purposes?

There is no secret that Google “reads” our emails, searching for phrases that will help them better matching ads. But how perfectly demonstrates this situation, Google may search emails for Anything (in this case, they were just pedophile materials). So what is the way to search for and sell information about the affairs of politicians or celebrities embarrassing problems? Where is the line between doing good and intrusive collection of information on every subject?

We must live in times where nothing is for free !!

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