Smoking during Pregnancy Can Cause ADHD in Children

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Smoking is bad for health, who doesn’t know that, and there are many reasons why smoking during pregnancy is considered harmful as well. A study from Denmark adds another reason to quit smoking while pregnant. The study indicates that women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have children with ADHD). The children are also expected to be born with some other problems related to brain. Countless studies in the past have highlighted many health risks associated with smoking, during pregnancy including asthma, infertility in sons, low birth weight, infections, obesity, stillbirth, autism, gestational diabetes and underweight babies.

This study was conducted on a vast scale as it involved a total 84,803 children whose parents were asked whether they smoked or not. It was found that as many as 2,000 children showed signs of ADHD. The study was conducted on children born in Denmark between 1996 and 2002. The mothers of the children had been recruited for the study during pregnancy and participated in four telephonic interviews, during which they were asked question about their and their parents’ smoking habits. And later when the child was about 7 years old the parents were called in to fill certain forms related to the study regarding the health of the children.

It was determined after the study that the risk of getting ADHD was highest when both parents smoked (4.2 percent) than only one of the parents smoked, 3.4 percent being the case where only mother smoked. The effect of nicotine replacement therapies cannot be ascertained as the number of females using it was quite low.

The best way to avoid this side-effect is to remain nicotine-free after conceiving the child, the researchers said. This is highly suggested as it decreases the risk of the child getting ADHD significantly. The nicotine replacement therapies are also recommended but for short time as it might cause further harm to the child.

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