Klotho Gene Variant KL-VS Makes People Smarter

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A recent research done by a team of San Francisco researchers state that a gene variant, which is linked to longer life span will also make people smarter. Further, it also has the capacity to offset cognitive decline that is commonly experienced as one ages.
A finding of this report was published in the Journal Cell Report and it states that the gene is a variant of Klotho gene, which is found in one in five people. Scientists believe that this gene, which could possibly be the cognitive enhancer be used to boost intelligence in people who have undergone cognitive decline due to diseases or due to ageing.

Dr Dena Dubal, lead author of the study and an assistant professor of neurology at UCSF stated that the cognitive enhancer present the possibility to treat cognitive problems of the brain.

Named after Klotho, one of the 3 sisters of fate in the Greek mythology, this variant is named KL-VS and it is said increase the amount of blood circulation and also disrupts certain activities. Discovered in the late 1990s, this variant has the capacity to increase the life span of a person by five years. In fact, is also found in animals and is more effective.

Cognitive loss, which includes forgetfulness, slower thinking and advanced cases of dementia are common among the older people. Scientists had discovered that Klotho has some link in reducing the cognitive loss, but until KL-VS was found they had no clue.

Dr. Lennart Mucke stated that Klotho had the capacity to increase cognition, but it does not provide a solution to decline that is related to ageing. Precisely, it means that people with this gene variant have high level of intelligence and cognitive reserve and hence the decline is from higher ground making it look less pronounced

The study included 700 people aged between 52 and 85. They underwent different cognitive tests and the report showed that people with the gene variant showed better results in comparison to those who did not have it.

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